Election day is November 2nd, 2021. Ballots due by 7pm!
Dropoff box open until 7pm at Golden City Hall, 911 10th Street.

I’m thankful for support of neighbors in our community. I respect and honor the trust you have placed in me, and look forward to the opportunity to continue representing Ward 4 residents.

Support JeffCo Kids

Support JeffCo Kids announces endorsement of William BilFish Fisher for Golden City Council Ward 4.

“I have served as a parent and community member in support of our local Jeffco Public Schools. My wife Kathy and I have both provided service to our local Mitchell Elementary PTA. As City Councilor from 2008-2014, I promoted and encouraged the City to maintain a focus on enhancing and protecting our schools, supporting Safe Routes to School, providing funding for projects in common, and focusing on supporting public safety through Golden’s Police Department association with our schools, especially by encouraging the continuation of school safety officers.”

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  • Ron Benioff, Golden Resident
  • Andi Pearson, Golden Resident
  • Malcolm Aylett, Golden Resident
  • Matt Burde, Golden Resident

Mike Bestor – Former City Manager

I had the good fortune to serve as Golden City Manager during Bill Fisher’s first term on City Council.

Bill brought his incredible energy, creativity and courage to every City Council meeting — actually, he brought those qualities every single day.  Bill was thinking of ways to improve Golden and city government 24/7/365.

Bill was always out in the community listening to citizens.  I mean “listening” in the deepest and most sincere way to truly understand each individual issue.

Mike Bestor, former Golden City Manager

Don Cameron, candidate for Mayor of Golden:

I have known Bill for years, since he was on Council previously. 

He is a grass roots sort of guy who talks to the residents in his ward, will listen to their concerns and can hit the ground running

We do not agree on everything but he will push hard on some of the things we do agree on, including making event planning better and pushing for a lodging tax to pay for impacts of visitors in a variety of areas.

Jacob Smith, Former Mayor of Golden

I am endorsing Bill’s candidacy in this special election for Golden City Councilor Ward 4. Bill has an extensive history on public health policy issues that matter to Golden, and was named Jefferson County Public Health Champion during his tenure on City Council because of his commitment and effectiveness.

During the 2008-2010 Great Recession, Bill was part of the team that successfully navigated Golden through our last major crisis.

Ron Benioff, 12th Street Neighborhood

After reflecting on the (candidates’) positions and experience, I am pleased to endorse Bill Fisher for Ward 4 City Councilor.  

I have been highly impressed with Bill Fisher’s deep experience and smart leadership skills.  I especially appreciate his approach to mitigating and controlling the growing impacts of traffic, development, and visitor pressures on our sought after small town.  I believe he will tackle these challenges in a thoughtful and forceful way, ensuring that current residents can afford to continue to live in Golden, while also supporting working professionals.  

Bill Fisher has demonstrated a commitment to a more proactive, effective, and equal relationship with the School of Mines.  He has the vision and experience needed for the city and the community to prevent negative impacts from further Mines development while allowing us to benefit from the cultural diversity, recreational, and educational amenities that Mines offers. 

Finally, Bill has the expertise we need in tackling the daunting challenges of recovery from the economic, health, and social impacts of COVID-19.  Bill’s past experience on the Golden City Council, with the Golden Urban Renewal Authority, and as a public health professional will bring vital assets in achieving a robust recovery and in supporting those in need. 

I hope that you will join me in supporting Bill Fisher for Ward 4 City Councilor. 

Chad Wachs (City of Golden Broadband Taskforce, AU Wireless)

I am pleased to endorse Bill Fisher for Ward 4 Golden. A comprehensive broadband solution for all homes and business is critical to Golden, especially these days. Bill understands that and has the background and experience to help Golden make the right decisions in implementing a community-wide broadband service and put us on the path to be a connected city.

Tom Atkins: Former President GHNA
(Golden Historic Neighborhoods Association)

I endorse Bill Fisher for Golden City Council.

Last week I couldn’t resist joining Golden United’s Ward 4 Candidate Forum on Zoom. 

I was particularly impressed by Bill Fisher’s performance and discussions. He demonstrated a sensitivity to our neighborhood, to Mines issues, the importance of an Inter-Governmental Agreement that is a win for both sides, and to representing the needs and desires of residents.

Rob Medina: Village at Mountain Ridge Resident, Former President CINQ (fighting the 93 Beltway)

I endorse Bill Fisher for Golden City Council.

Bill has the experience to hit the ground running on day 1. I believe he has a solid and well thought out vision to improve SH93 in north Golden, to best protect our health and property values. Vote Bill Fisher.

Malcolm Aylett, Golden Resident

I would like to strongly endorse Bill Fisher for City Council in Ward 4.

I have known Bill for many years back to the day he he 1st served on City Council in Golden. He has extensive experience as a successful business  man, entrepreneur and business owner as well as a City Council member.

He also is a trained nurse who understands the delivery of health care services at the grass roots level. We live in challenging times right now and hard earned experience  is critical for anyone who aspires to public office. Bill would hit the ground running because of his experience and we really need that right now.

Bill is very passionate about Golden, it’s values and it’s unique heritage. He knows better than anyone how to balance the need for some level of growth while at the same time preserving those things that make Golden such a special place to live.

His experience as a business man, managing cash flow and competing priorities are a big asset at a time when town’s tax base is under pressure due to the shut down of the private sector which is the source of revenue to pay for all the services that Golden provides it’s citizens.

Lastly, with children of his own, he is a passionate believer in education and our local school system.

If you would consider joining the endorsement page, please reach out below!