About BilFish

Bill Fisher, Candidate Ward 4 Golden

William “BilFish” Fisher is a Registered Nurse (RN) working in community health and hospice and has resided in Golden, Colorado for more than 20 years with spouse Kathy and sons Max and Liam.

“I believe in the welcoming small-town spirit of Golden. My hope is to continue the tradition of forward-thinking leaders: meeting the needs of today and creating a legacy for our families.

Bill currently represents Golden’s 4th Ward as City Councilor, and also served from 2008-2014. Focused on effective communication and delivering results, he provided a vision to preserve and enhance Golden, representing the diverse backgrounds of all residents and neighborhoods.

Together we made great strides for the community’s financial health after the Great Recession of 2008. We improved safety, provided noise and traffic mitigation, new trails and a Community Garden and Bike Park, tobacco licensing, Radon gas mitigation in homes, Historic Neighborhood support, reduced residential impacts from School of Mines expansion, and emphasized communication with fellow residents (such as during the Indian Gulch fire near the Village at Mountain Ridge).”

Bill Fisher, Golden City Councilor, 2008-2014

Plans for Golden

“Council needs the managerial courage to provide a clear vision and strategy to achieve success. I believe City Council and Staff are willing to respond positively to the increased energy I see from residents.” ~Bill

I seek to represent local issues affecting our neighborhoods in Ward 4 – not pet projects and beliefs.

Financial Security: We face uncertain times. Let’s keep Golden in the black, and keep residents and small businesses afloat. I helped Golden weather the Financial Collapse of 2008. With hard work by many people we came through with an increase in City Financial Reserves and improved the City’s Bond Rating!

Education: Now more than ever, strong communities start with strong and connected schools. I look forward to continuing a partnership in support of Golden area schools. I have been endorsed multiple times by Support JeffCo Kids.

Heart of Golden process for the Clear Creek Corridor: Let’s ensure the rights of residents are also considered, not simply those of tourists. We must understand unintended consequences that may come from making the creekside even more attractive to visitors, and we must avoid expensive frills.

Enhance Vibrant Downtown & Historic Neighborhoods. We did it – helping to protect the Astor House for generations to come: We all moved to Golden for the mountain backdrop, small town historic charm, and extensive trails and parks outside our doors.

  • Support Local Businesses – I served as former Commissioner for Golden’s Urban Renewal Authority (GURA) supporting Downtown
  • Minimize Impacts of Development – Complete an IGA with Mines
  • Add teeth to the 1% Growth Ordinance and Zoning to protect our heritage
  • Protect and maintain our Gold Medal winning Parks, Rec & Museum system – don’t give it away or let it fade.
  • Preserve a safe, livable, sustainable town – complete accessible trails, connectors and Safe Routes to School
  • Ensure Clear Creek Corridor and Master Plans benefit Golden residents

Responsiveness to Residents (A Shared Vision): City Council should listen to residents and lead with a positive vision. I’ll listen to your needs and engage with frequent, open and transparent communication through the Ward 4 Email Newsletter.

Events: With an explosion of successful and busy events in downtown and across Golden, residents are asking whether it may be time to re-evaluate events policies and priorities.

Affordable Housing and “density”: Golden flourishes with a variety of housing and opportunities for residents. In some ways we have become a victim of our own success – people want to be in Golden! Let’s actively engage in the conversation on how we provide appropriate opportunities without negatively impacting those of us already here.

No “Beltway” along Highways 93, 6th Ave and 58: We beat the original toll road idea. We added sound berms and walls. There is more to be done: VMR, the North Historic Neighborhood and Mitchell Elementary need improvements with a focus on mitigating noise, pollution, and traffic accidents.

Have a thought or question to share? Please reach out via the form below, I look forward to hearing from you!